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About us

Everything started in November 2016 when so called Pan Marcin came up with an idea to take 6 people with no experience to Huuuge Game Jam in Bydgoszcz. We won with Headahead. In December we got the first prize on national Game Jam Awards for this game.

Encouraged after the unexpected first prize we attended various game jams. Mainly in Poland, but few abroad as well. We were not winning, but we learned a lot about game development and grew a bond within our team 🙂

In November 2018 we took part in another edition of Huuuge Game Jam in Bydgoszcz and… got the main prize again! We won with Butterlfynamite. Our idea and implementation got a really good response. We have been offered to release the game.

We can’t reveal to many details, but we have been rather busy of late!

Wild squad:
Klaudia Styrcz – 2D graphics, audio-visuals
Marek Polasik – 3D graphics, level design
Jakub Szczepaniak – coding, level design
Marcin Murawski – coding, chief of the wild squad, business matters
Jarosław Świącik – project management and business matters

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